Baby Nappy Cream



Your bundle of joy has arrived and so have the diapers! Due to the sensitivity of a baby’s skin, we made it our priority to create a healthy alternative Diaper Cream. Specially and uniquely made with organic and plant-based ingredients to create a protective barrier, Friendly Organic® Nappy Cream helps soothe your baby’s sore skin while nourishing and moisturizing it at the same time. The ingredients include organic Shea Butter which is naturally rich in Vitamins A, E and F. Another is Zinc which helps boost immune function, aids in healing sore skin and also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. To help prevent diaper rash, apply frequently, especially at bed-times. We recommend that you always wash your hands thoroughly before applying a generous amount of Friendly Organic® Nappy Cream to your baby’s bottom. Use it today and see results tomorrow!

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
Rich in Zinc
Contains organic Shea Butter
Certified organic extracts: Aloe Vera, Althea, Calendula, Carrot, Linden and Honey help to soothe and soften the skin
organik-urunler Parabens, PEGs, Silicones, Paraffin, Synthetic perfume and Dyes.