Concentrated Fabric Softener


Because of direct contact to skin, it is important for you to use only the best products to care for your baby’s and family’s clothing, bedding, blankets and home textiles. Your little one’s clothing is best softened with a softener that is free of heavy-chemicals. It is essential that you choose a fabric softener that soothes and perfectly protects their delicate and sensitive skin. Therefore, Friendly Organic® Fabric Softener is a perfect choice. It effectively removes soap residue and helps eliminate static cling in the dryer. Hypoallergenic, it protects your clothing and other textiles while being extra-gentle on sensitive skin ensuring maximum comfort. Fragranced using natural essential oils we guarantee all your clothing and fabrics will feel softer, smell fresher and free of static cling.

Sustainable, plant-derived ingredients
Has balanced pH
Fragranced with natural essential oils
Ultra-concentrated. 15ml per usage
Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
organik-urunler SLES (Sodium Laureth Ether Sulphate), Phosphates, Synthetic perfumes and Dyes.