Floor Cleaner Concentrate



When you think about what can be tracked into your house on shoes and by pets, the importance of keeping the floors of your home and other spaces clean cannot be overemphasized. Friendly Organic® Floor Cleaner Concentrate is formulated with powerful and effective plant-derived ingredients specifically designed to help you maintain the beauty and quality of your floors. Ours is a non-toxic cleaner, making it safe for use around little ones and individuals with weak immune systems and pets. It makes your floors sparkling clean and  protects them while giving a luminous shine without leaving any harmful chemical residues behind. Synthetic-fragrance free, our Floor Cleaner Concentrate is formulated with natural essential oils, helping to make the floors you and your loved ones live on, clean, safe and fresh.

Made with plant derived cleaners
Contains natural essential oils
Shine, restore & protect wood & laminate floors
Highly concentrated
Does not leave harmful residue
Repels dust naturally



SLES (Sodium Laureth Ether Sulphate), Chlorine, Ammonia, Phosphates and Dyes.