Lip & Face Balm



The lips are a very soft, delicate, and sensitive part of babies’ and young children’s bodies. Just as lotion is often needed for moisturizing the body so is our lip balm a necessity for the proper care of the lips and entire face of your loved ones. The benefits of our newly created Friendly Organic® Lip Balm cannot be over emphasized. Our lip balm contains beeswax which has natural anti-inflammatory properties and acts as an excellent emulsifier, rich in vitamin A which is great for the health of the lips and skin of little ones. Our lip balm is highly functional and durable for use in all kinds of weather and, especially in winter when the air is typically very dry and cold. Friendly Organic® Lip Balm helps little ones by preventing dry, chapped, and cracked lips as it keeps their lips hydrated, smooth, and soft.  It also helps to quickly heal and recover lips that are already chapped. In addition, it can be used to moisturize their faces as well. Our lip balm is specially formulated with soothing plant derived and organic ingredients that are most suitable for kids and individuals with sensitive skin.  For baby’s face we recommend the unflavoured lip balm. We also offer a range of 8 other different flavours from which you can choose for your kids and of course yourselves too!

Food grade ingredients
USDA Organic Certified
For everyday use
Moisturize the sensitive skin
Container made with over 40% recycled material
Manufacturing of this product is 100% offset with renewable energy
Synthetic perfume and dye free
organik-urunler GMO’s, Gluten, Synthetic perfume and Dyes.