Production Process

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At Friendly Organic® we take full charge of our production processes from the very initial stage of deciding , choosing and buying all of the raw materials needed to the very last stage of sealing, packaging and distributing the processed naturally derived and organic goods. We carefully select all of our ingredients adhering strictly to the code of ethics relating to natural and environmentally processed products. At our factory we use solar energy as it helps to slow global warming. This solar energy factor ensures our smooth reliability and stability in production as well guaranteeing 100% renewable energy. Our employees are extremely skilled in the use of high technology, resourceful, and highly disciplined. We are totally consistent and clear about our ethical standards. These qualities mirrors integrity, ensuring the highest standards of ethical behavior is practiced throughout our organization. Also, we are always working hard to improve our formulas and totally up to the tasks at all times, giving our customers our very best¬_ the very BEST! Our factory and work areas are very hygienic and in compliance with the codes of ethics in relation to cleaning. In our entire product production process there is absolute zero waste ensured. Our packages are recyclable, biodegradable and re-useable. As we promised, all our products are made with plant-derived and organic ingredients for the safety and pleasure of your families.